Friday, February 1, 2008

Amazing Blogs

I have been tagged by my sister (in-law), Joy, at Oy with the Poodles Already and asked to share 7 things you might not know about me. Hmmmm..... here we go!

  1. I once convinced my husband over the phone while he was out of town that I had dyed my hair red in his absence (I hadn't really). Even when I told him I was kidding, he didn't believe me.
  2. I can only go a couple weeks at a time before I have a major re-organizing spree in my classroom and spend all of an early-release Wednesday afternoon tidying up... it feels so good!
  3. I didn't know what my wedding band looked like until my husband slipped it on my finger at our wedding! It was a super surprise!
  4. I cry at Publix commercials (the really sappy ones for Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, etc.).
  5. I love grammar...I really love grammar (which is a good thing since I have to teach all the parts of speech and simple, compound, and complex sentences, etc. to my *3rd* graders!).
  6. My class calls my husband, "Mr. Gorilla." I'll explain someday. ;)
  7. I REALLY want to learn how to smock (website or book suggestions? Anyone?).
I would like to tag...... hmmmm... Erin and Lindsey. :)