Saturday, June 14, 2008


I am VERY excitedly looking forward to a big change next month. We have been working and saving towards getting me an embroidery machine this fall. Thanks to several circumstances, we're going to accomplish that a little early! In fact, by this time next month I should have my new machine!

I am going from this sewing machine, which Kim so kindly and generously gave me and has served me very well

to this!

Husqvarna Viking is updating their own line of machines which creates the opportunity for people such as myself to take advantage of special deals on the "old" machines! :)

With the new machine, I'll still be able to do all my regular sewing, but now I'll have the additional option of embroidering! It takes memory sticks that allow you to take files you have downloaded/bought/manipulated on your computer and have the machine sew them. The Husqvarna Viking software we'll be purchasing for the computer lets you use ANY font that's on your computer to embroider!! :) But it doesn't just do letters and numbers, it also does all sorts of designs, and you can always find new ones--even on places like eBay! I can't wait to get started with it! :)

Getting it a little earlier than expected also lets me take advantage of 2 other circumstances. #1 I'll still be on summer vacation, so I can get the hang of it before I go back to school. And #2 I have a new niece due in September, so hopefully I'll be able to make some things for Isabella before she arrives. :)

Hooray for early surprises!


Lindsey said...

congrats girl that is an awesome machine! cant wait to see what you make now :)

Blakely said...

How exciting! I hope you enjoy your new machine.

notes of em said... tell me all about this machine please.....