Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Fabric Finds

Here are a few fabrics I found on our travels last week. :)

These were found in South Carolina.

The boots on the left and robots on the right will likely turn into part of some embroidered children's outfit or craft (like a crayon roll). The fried eggs in the middle will probably accent the casserole tote I'm making my mom, as I have other chicken/egg fabric picked out and this would be a great complement to it. :)

And these were in Tennessee.

The UT fabric is to make some sandwich wraps for Matt (to use less ziploc bags!), the dog fabric in the middle will probably become a pillow case, the knit puppies on the right hopefully will become baby clothes, and the ladybug fleece is for a Christmas present for Isabella.


Joy said...

I still really like the galoshes! I found some on ebay but it was a little pricey even though they said they had placed it "on sale". :) I am not really sure what I would use it for though. I am super excited to see what you make with it!

Jennifer said...

Please let us know how to make fabric sandwich wraps. Or are the instructions on your site already?