Saturday, March 7, 2009


It's been awhile--whew! Since my last post, we have a nursery most definitely underway. :) I'm going to sew curtains--and they are not cut or sewn yet, BUT we have the fabric for them. :) But other than that, the room has a LOT done thanks in large part to my husband and my mom (who came down for a weekend with the furniture and to help!). :)

The biggest job was painting the room! 50 stripes in all spread across 3 walls. Matt did an AMAZING job!

There will be curtains, as I said, :) and a little table and rocking chair here at the end of the crib.

Close up of the crib. The bedding is called "Enchanted Hollow" and has forest animals--exactly what we were looking for! :)

Again, we'll have curtains. :) And I'm painting a (simple) tree mural behind the raccoon bean bag

Other side of the room

Everything is still somewhat of a work in progress, as far as things hanging on walls go (I think Matt probably appreciates me not putting any holes in the wall right now after he worked so hard to paint them! ha! :) ) and organizing the bookshelf. But it's come a LONG way!

Lastly, I've been going through and doing Asa's laundry. The question is just how to organize it! :) I'm sure I'll end up tweaking things after he's here and I figure out what works for us. But so far I have onesies (in the the size he'll probably be wearing), gowns, sleepers, sleep sacks, and swaddle-mes in the top drawer of the changing table for easy access.

The middle drawer has socks, hats, mittens, etc. (and extra room beyond that, of course). The bottom drawer has crib and pack n play sheets.

Then in the armoire (I guess I didn't post a picture with it, but it's next to the raccoon bean bag), I have blankets in the top drawer. It has another drawer and 3 shelves in the cupboard part of it "up for grabs." And then we have the closet. :) Right now, I have things organized by size then then by type of clothing within that size group (onesies, shirt/pant outfits, long-sleeved things, etc.).

Does anyone have any great tips for organizing?!? Any wonderful way they stored things? And is there some magic "perfect" way to fold a onesie? :)


Anonymous said...

Great job! It looks really different with the sunlight - so happy! :):) The beanbag is hilarious. What have you been feeding him? :)

I love the room!

Joy said...

I agree very happy in the sunlight! ;) We always just folded our onsies in worked well for us. You are super organized! ;)

Susanna Rose said...

I LOVE what you've done to the nursery and the walls are amazing! A good organizing trick I have used is just to buy lots of small plastic hangers and hang as many clothes as possible, using the dresser only for plain white onesies, socks and pants/shorts/things that are hard to hang. I find it so much easier to find things when they are hung!:)

notes of em said...

your nursery looks great! i am so impressed with Matt's painting skills, un-real!
love that your so organized.
we just have shirts and pants separated but in the same drawer, and then "outfits" in the other drawer.