Saturday, June 27, 2009

He's Here!!

Asa arrived Tuesday, June 23rd at 12:39 PM after 36 hours of induced labor. He weighed 8 lbs. 3 oz. and is 22 inches long with a full head of dark hair. He was definitely worth all the work to convince him it was time to come out! :)

We are taking it easy, especially thanks to my parents' help this week. :) Here are a few pictures, since I anticipate crafty updates being rather few and far between for awhile. I WILL post about the baptismal gown Mom and I sewed for Asa very soon though. It was one of the things we did to pass the time during Asa's two week "extra" stay in the womb. :)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

It's About That Time...

... the hospital just told us to come in at 11:00 tonight (in one hour!) to be admitted and get this show on the road! Stay tuned....

Almost time!

Unless labor begins sometime this afternoon, we are supposed to call the hospital this evening to see if there is a bed available, and if so we will check in tonight to begin prep for an induction. Asa should be here by tomorrow night! Just wanted to give a little update. :) If everything goes smoothly, we are hoping to come home by Wednesday. No guarantees on an update at that point, but we'll try for a picture and stats. :) Please pray! :)

Monday, June 15, 2009

Still waiting...

Well, Asa was due June 10, but it is now June 15! Silly me, I really thought he'd be here by the 14th or 15th. He'll have to be a speedy baby if he wants to make the midnight cut-off for that "mother's intuition." :)

But, we've waited all this time, what's a few more days, right? It IS kind of humorous to watch the days tick on. We have a countdown on my google homepage that's been counting down to June 10 since we found out we were pregnant (Sept. 30), and actually before that we had a countdown for over a year when we were wanting to try but God was telling us to wait. That countdown started at 408 days, then we had the pregnancy countdown when He so graciously created this little life, that was 280 more days. Almost two years of praying for and anticipating this one special day (and a lifetime of days to follow). Wow. Now I've switched it to a "count up" showing how many days we are past the due date.

If he doesn't come by Wednesday, we have another biophysical profile and a check-up. And I imagine they will set a date to induce (the 22nd or 23rd if everything is okay). We are hoping and praying we won't need the appointment Wednesday, much less an induction date!

My mom is here now (she drove down Friday) waiting with us. It is SOO nice to have her here and KNOW she will be in town for Asa's arrival. She is also great at thinking up random errands to run while we wait. Hopefully the rest of the grandparents will have a reason to head down SOOOON!!! :)

We'll keep you posted!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You are!

... just in case you are wondering, Asa is due tomorrow but there is no sign of him coming yet. :) I am actually feeling really well and still sleeping and napping. Today I even ran several errands--the pet store, the craft store, and two grocery stores. :) I also sewed 1/2 dozen cloth napkins, put away all the groceries, emptied the dishwasher, and folded a load of laundry. We're just waiting for him to made his grand debut!

In the meantime, check out these ADORABLE name letters our friends had made for us! :) They match his bedding PERFECTLY! I just can't wait til the little guy is in HIS room with HIS letters. :)