Monday, June 28, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

I am still learning my way around my new grocery store (and sorely grieving the loss of Publix.  I am recalling a certain Sinead O'Connor song "Nothing compares to youuuuu!").  It takes a lot of "fun" out of grocery shopping when you have to wander up and down aisles repeatedly because items are not stocked where you expect (at your old grocery store).  But the only way to get rid of that icky, unfamiliar, can't-I-just-go-to-Publix-already feeling is to forge ahead and learn my way around.  Thankfully, I have a patient baby as grocery trips now take considerably longer than before (that wandering I mentioned).

Another by-product of grocery shopping truly feeling like a chore at a new store is fighting a huge lack in motivation for cooking.  Who wants to cook when it means you have to go to the grocery store that reminds you about not being at Publix anymore (so I liked Publix a little...)?  On top of that, I went from my DREAM refrigerator in FL to a dinky, old, (TINY) refrigerator here in OH.  I used to stock up during sales.  It saved us $$$ and I always had extra meals in the freezer. I have no idea how to do that here.  It's a bummer.  I admit, I have cried over my fridge (it was my anniversary present.  No fear, Matt has promised me a new one where next we settle... but it won't fit in the place we're currently renting).  Amazing how you can get so spoiled in 6 shorts months of refrigerator bliss.  I told Matt I tried to ask myself if I could just be thankful for the 6 months I DID get to use my refrigerator.  My honest answer to myself was, "No.  If I'd never had it, I wouldn't know what I was missing."  And there you have a transparent look into my heart during the transition of this move.  I never thought I would miss Florida so much.

This menu plan is my attempt to get back on track and feel a piece of normalcy I've still been lacking even as the house has come into order.  Getting back into my cooking routine might help things feel a smidge more like home.... (I hope, I hope, I hope!)

Monday:  fractured tacos
Tuesday:  spaghetti pie, corn on the cob, salad
Wednesday:  crock pot chicken cordon bleu, potatoes, salad
Thursday:  Matt's birthday!  He requested pork tenderloin, potatoes, corn on the cob, and peanut butter cake with peanut butter buttercream frosting.  And ice cream.  He LOOVES ice cream
Friday:  frozen pizza, per tradition
(weekend = July 4th plans)

Back from Blogging Hiatus

Wow, I haven't blogged here since April.  What has happened since then?

  • (background:  Matt accepted the OH job and moved there mid-April leaving Asa and me in FL)
  • I spent 6 weeks packing, packing, and more packing at our house in FL
  • we unlisted our house with agent #1 and relisted with agent #2
  • house went from listed to CLOSED in about 3 weeks!!!  AMAZING and totally GOD-ordained turn of events!
  • Matt, mom, and movers came for the big load up
  • Matt drove to OH with my car and our dog
  • Asa had his first plane trip as we flew to OH to be reunited as a family
  • movers delivered our stuff
  • my incredible mother came to help me unpack
  • we celebrated Asa's bday
  • my in-laws came to visit
  • gearing up for Matt's bday
There is some crafting involved with the recap of Asa's birthday, so that will be coming soon.  I also have Independence Day outfit plans for Asa.  Hopefully they will come to fruition!

I am back! :)