Tuesday, April 15, 2008

More Pictures

These are mostly some of the more "artsy" pictures I took while we were at Hilton Head. They are completely untouched as of yet--though some editing will probably come along when I have a little more time. I am definitely a photography amateur, but a digital SLR is helping me play around without having to pay to develop every shot. :) And speaking of developing pictures, you can get 15 FREE prints from Walgreens if you order online by 11:59 tonight and use the code TAXDAY. I'm planning to get some beach pictures printed. :)

I must start off with pics of the kiddos. Unfortunately, my brother Matt, his wife, and son had to head home before we got out to Sea Pines, so superstar Sam isn't featured in these. :-(

CA being pushed on the swing by Uncle Ox (my hubby)


palm tree at Sea Pines

flowering shrub at the beach house

I love little beach birds

my shadow

we always take a picture of our feet together at the beach

we found a hermit crab!

Harbour Town at Sea Pines

It's just so peaceful!


Are We There Yet?? said...

Becca: Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog! :) Yes, I am VERY relieved!! I know you guys know the feeling!

Matt's from Rock Hill??? We love it here so far. You will have to look us up when you're here sometime.

Susanna Rose said...

Great pictures and I just wanted to thank you so much for your comment the other day at my blog! It meant so much to me and actually, I wanted to put here the reply I put on my blog if you didn't see it! Here it is:

Becca - this is seriously the most beautiful comment I've ever received! Thank you so much for taking the time to write what is truly so helpful for me to hear and I really love the thought of "Aslan's roar." What an awesome analogy for God's love and comfort! I pray you will find peace as well...THANK YOU!!!:)

jacquie said...

Lovely photos. You're a wiz. Thanks for visiting my blog. You're right, the wonky log cabin blocks are great for a first quilt. Let me know if you give it a try. I'd love to see it!