Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Scoop

So, I've had "making a garment" on my list of sewing goals for quite a long time. I think the new machine gave me the nerve to try something so new. I also had some fabric a teacher left out to take for free at my school, so I wouldn't even have to be frustrated with ruining cloth I liked if I totally messed it up. :) I used a Simplicity New Style "easy" kids pattern (6262) and chose the option that looked like the best balance for me of ease and cuteness. :)

The project included several new skills for me, including fusible interfacing, successfully using single-fold bias tape (and making my own), not to mention the actual dress construction.

I didn't have the right tools to transfer the pattern, so I made the biggest size it's designed for (an 8) so I wouldn't have to cut any of the patterns parts off. That means that even my niece won't be able to wear it for awhile, but I now have the confidence to try something smaller. :) I think I totally have the bug now. :)

I made 2 mistakes. On the back, the fabric isn't smooth at one part of the neckline. But I figure hair would cover it up, and it's not huge. Secondly, the directions said to "clip the corner" at one part (of the back neckline), and I clipped a part that shows instead of the underneath seam they intended. Oh well! Again, it will be covered when someone is actually wearing it. :)

I was super intimidated, but I'm really glad I just dove in and tried. As my mom said, "That's the way you learn!" :) Lastly, the pattern called for ribbon down the center, but I had this sweet, flowered scrap fabric someone gave me that I thought would look nice. I tried to be really careful to measure and press it, but I'm sure it could be even better if I'd used fusible webbing or interfacing. I think it's "good enough" for my first ever attempt!

I know the dress isn't perfect, and I definitely need to hem it :), but I'm really proud of my first ever piece of clothing for people (I believe I "sewed" some doll clothes back in the day)!


notes of em said...

this is great! amazing for the first garment ever sewn... keep it up.