Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Summer To Do List, revisted

Summer vacation is drawing to a close (pre-planning inservice begins Monday), so I thought I'd take a moment to see how I did with the summer checklist I posted here in May....

How I (hope to) Spend My Summer Vacation
  1. Sleep in
  2. Make my hubby's lunch more frequently (he took over lunch-packing duty for both of us most of this school year, amazing hubby that he is!)
  3. Visit family
  4. Make my owl pj pants
  5. Start the wonky cabin quilt
  6. Rebuild my rubber-stamped, ready to send card stash
  7. Paint the master bathroom
  8. Paint the laundry room
  9. Keep asking Matt about painting a dining room accent wall :)
  10. Visit family
  11. Sew some things yet to be determined
  12. Get my embroidery machine (that will be towards the end of the summer)!!
  13. Finish touch-ups needed in remodeled family room
  14. (BONUS) Visit family!!!!!!
How I Actually Spent My Summer Vacation
1. I did sleep in... it was glorious. :)
2. I have made Matt lunch more, and he's even come home for lunch a few times so we could have lunch *together.* :)
3. We spent a week visiting our families in SC and TN, and my mom spent almost a week down here with us. I love, love, love that part of summer. :)
4. Owl pj pants... did not start on those yet. But I DID make the dress. That was my first foray into garments, and I think I might have the nerve to try my pj pants now. :)
5. Start the wonky cabin quilt--errr, again, no. It's not that I've been afraid or haven't wanted to, though. I just do not even know where to begin with choosing the fabric for it! Any suggestions?? How do you choose quilt fabric???
6. I didn't make as many cards as I'd like, but I did make enough to get me started. :)
7. Paint the master bathroom--CHECK!! We love the bright, new, much-more-modern color.
8. Paint the laundry room--no. I did not get to that. I'll chalk it up to being summer in FL, and that is the hottest room in the house. ;)
9. I actually haven't asked him about the dining room wall, BUT I have kept the paint chip in plain sight. ;) And we *did* buy a couple things to make the room more finished--some candle sconces, hung a painting we bought months ago, and we have some more wrought iron wall art to hang in the dining room. So, the overall idea is moving along. :)
10. Visit family--again yes, lots of times with loved ones (especially the little ones... who, not surprisingly, are becoming less and less little!)
11. Sew: yes, I make coffee cuffs, a lunch bag, a sandwich wrap, and a dress!
12. Embroidery machine: check!!!!!!!! :) Now if only the 4D embroidery software would get in... they said maybe August 8... that's this Friday.... please oh please oh please?!? :)
13. Touch ups in family room. Well, yes and no. What I had in mind some touching up some places on the walls, which I did not do. But we *did* spruce things up by adding/rearranging some furniture and accents. It looks much more finished now than at the beginning of the summer. And we'll get to the wall touch ups. :)
14. Visit family: that's a whole-hearted YES! :) I love how summer affords substitute-teacher-prep FREE time (i.e. no sub lesson plans) to soak up our families! :)

All in all, I accomplished 8 of my 14 goals outright. Another 4 I kind of addressed. And 2 (laundry room and quilt) I flat out did not do. I *did* however have a wonderful summer break. A summer break with sweet memories, fun pictures, enjoyable crafting, and I even managed NOT to go to school at all for the entire month of July (a first in my teaching career). I will miss these relaxed days very, VERY soon, but they have been a sweet time of respite before the new school year begins! :)


Anonymous said...

YEA for summer - and for SEEING you!
Love Mom

jacquie said...

Good for you! I wish you a wonderful school year.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed your summer break! Goals are good, but so is being relaxed enough that you don't freak out if you don't get it enough done. Yea for summers!!!