Sunday, September 14, 2008

Itching for Stitching

Thanks for all the comments lately. :) It was a SUPER busy week, so I appreciate the encouragement. :) Combine two 12 hour days, a 13 hour day, and a day with a migraine, and you have a teacher who was ready for the weekend! Unfortunately, the weekend has included work, too. And I cannot believe September is half over tomorrow. EEEK! But we're keeping at it all, one day at a time. Despite the grading and lesson planning that had to be done this weekend, we celebrated 2 special events at church this morning: the ceremonial ground-breaking for our building and ordaining deacons (including my hubby!). We are so thankful for our church family here in FL, and we are so excited and feel blessed to be a part of the ways God is growing, stretching, and leading the body here in a time of great change.

Now, the title of this post. I AM DYING TO SEW! I have been so busy, I haven't sat at my machine since my 2 days off for Tropical Storm Fay. That was the first week of school. That was 3 weeks ago! The more I craft, the more I realize I NEED crafting as an outlet. A way to explore, decompress, and think. Thankfully, I have a couple projects that need to be completed. I say thankfully, not because they're incomplete, but because I know EXACTLY what I will get to work on as soon as I have time. :) I also used a gift card from a student to purchase 2 handbag patterns I'll be excited to try. I can't wait to get started on everything and share them with you! :)

Lastly, before I head to the bed that is loudly calling my name, I would love some ideas for a birthday party coming up. Friends of our have 11 month old twin boys, and they are having a rubber ducky themed birthday party next month. Any ideas for something I could sew or make for them? I'm okay at ideas for baby showers/newborns... but 1 year old boys?? Help!! :)

Thanks, and hope you had a great weekend!

p.s. I have 2 blog awards I need to pass along.. stay tuned (and thanks to those who recognized me). :)


Anonymous said...

I wish I could help with 1 year old boys...girls I think would be easier, but boys? Sorry.

I wanted to find out where I can get plain white burp clothes...or should I get something else and call it a burp cloth. I went to Walmart and Joanne's yesterday. I could find white onesies...but not colored ones and NO burp clothes. Any suggestions?

Becca said...

Hey E,
I get mine at Walmart... but they are actually plain, whit cloth diapers. You can get a pack of 12 for about $10 (maybe a little less). I know Joy makes her own though, using flannel and such. With school underway, I have a stash of the cloth diapers on hand for making burp cloths, because I just can't guarantee I'll have time to make a burp cloth from scratch AND embroider it. Try in the baby section--looking for cloth diapers this time. ;)