Monday, March 30, 2009

Take Cover!

Nursing cover, that is. :) I actually managed to take pictures of the nursing cover I made for a friend before I delivered it to her... at the hospital! She got the fabric to me the end of the week, and then she went into labor Saturday night! On Sunday afternoon we got to go see the happy, healthy family and deliver the now-needed nursing cover. :)

My friend and her husband picked out the fabric--I love their choices. :) I have to admit, I sewed the top seam three times because I just wasn't happy with it! Her contrasting dark brown thread showed every little imperfection on the front as I tried to sew tightly next to the boning in the neckline. So I ripped out the seam after attempt #2, put a spool of light blue thread on as my top thread and left the bobbin of dark brown thread to go with the underneath fabric. PERFECT! MUCH better. :)

front fabric

back fabric

I even matched up the stripes! :)

Saturday, March 28, 2009


I did it again. ;) TWO more times!! I have sewn gifts for two MORE baby showers, and I have forgotten to take pictures each time! Arg!

For the first of the two, the mom is an UGA fan and dad is a FL fan. I made two UGA burp cloths for Mom (one with a paw print and red/black & white polka-dot ribbon and one with the UGA "G") and one gator burp cloth for Dad (a gator with baby Dinah's name above it). I also gave them a onesie I sewed that said "cute as a " with a sweet little flower button after the words.

For today's shower, I had EVERY intention of remembering to take pictures this time. Then it took a lot longer to sew them than I thought and I was running late. :-( In my frazzled state, I forgot to take pictures and forgot the gps (what did we do before gps.... google maps... and before that.... regular maps... how far we've come!) to find my way to the shower. Thankfully, I called Matt from my cell phone (more gadgets!) and he looked up the address on google maps, directing me where to turn. :) hehe Anyway, I made one burp cloth for baby Caleb with a lion that said "wild thing" above it, one that just had a fun polka-dot print down the center with red ribbon on either side, and one with FL gator ribbon up either side of the center with Caleb's monogram in the middle in orange and blue. :) I also made them a gator ribbon paci-clip.

I have one more shower I am sewing for, so maybe that one I will actually take pictures of and post them! Wouldn't that be amazing?? :)

We are doing well otherwise. :) Hubby is busy at work, and I am busy at work (but so glad FCAT is over!). Spring break is coming, which we are both very excited about! WOO HOO! Then we'll be back for a week, then Hubs' sister is getting married so we'll be road tripping again. Then I'll have just TWO weeks left at work before I begin my leave. It's shocking how fast it's passing.

Stay tuned--hopefully I'll have some more crafty pictures to post soon. Dinah's mom (see above) is due ANY day now and requested a nursing cover. I'll try really hard to remember to take a picture of it before I take it to her! :)


Saturday, March 14, 2009

2 Blocks Down....

??? to go!

I have now sewn 2 blocks for Asa's wonky log cabin quilt. I honestly haven't decided how many blocks I'll make/what the quilt's final size will be. I'm just kind of taking it in as I go along. :) When Mom was visiting to help us with the nursery, she and I found some great blue cotton that really makes the blue in the quilting fabrics pop. I'm thinking I may make the quilt 4 blocks x 5 blocks. Maybe 4x4... we'll just have to see. It's been nice, now that I have the hang of it, to know I can just sit down at the machine and whip out a block in a decent amount of time. :)

Without further ado, here are the 2 blocks I have made so far...

The first block I made

The second block I made

Both blocks together

Saturday, March 7, 2009


It's been awhile--whew! Since my last post, we have a nursery most definitely underway. :) I'm going to sew curtains--and they are not cut or sewn yet, BUT we have the fabric for them. :) But other than that, the room has a LOT done thanks in large part to my husband and my mom (who came down for a weekend with the furniture and to help!). :)

The biggest job was painting the room! 50 stripes in all spread across 3 walls. Matt did an AMAZING job!

There will be curtains, as I said, :) and a little table and rocking chair here at the end of the crib.

Close up of the crib. The bedding is called "Enchanted Hollow" and has forest animals--exactly what we were looking for! :)

Again, we'll have curtains. :) And I'm painting a (simple) tree mural behind the raccoon bean bag

Other side of the room

Everything is still somewhat of a work in progress, as far as things hanging on walls go (I think Matt probably appreciates me not putting any holes in the wall right now after he worked so hard to paint them! ha! :) ) and organizing the bookshelf. But it's come a LONG way!

Lastly, I've been going through and doing Asa's laundry. The question is just how to organize it! :) I'm sure I'll end up tweaking things after he's here and I figure out what works for us. But so far I have onesies (in the the size he'll probably be wearing), gowns, sleepers, sleep sacks, and swaddle-mes in the top drawer of the changing table for easy access.

The middle drawer has socks, hats, mittens, etc. (and extra room beyond that, of course). The bottom drawer has crib and pack n play sheets.

Then in the armoire (I guess I didn't post a picture with it, but it's next to the raccoon bean bag), I have blankets in the top drawer. It has another drawer and 3 shelves in the cupboard part of it "up for grabs." And then we have the closet. :) Right now, I have things organized by size then then by type of clothing within that size group (onesies, shirt/pant outfits, long-sleeved things, etc.).

Does anyone have any great tips for organizing?!? Any wonderful way they stored things? And is there some magic "perfect" way to fold a onesie? :)