Friday, August 14, 2009

Baptismal Gown

Back when I got my embroidery machine, I started dreaming of making a baptismal gown for any child(ren) God would add to our family. We considered using the gown my brothers and I were baptized it, but in the end I hoped to be able to make something for our kids to use and have the option of passing down.

I found a great pattern during one of JoAnn's super pattern sales and stashed it away. The closer Asa's arrival came, the less likely it seemed I would get it sewn before he was born. I just hoped I'd have time some time after he was born! Then he took his SWEET time coming, and Mom and I had all this extra time on our hands! We made a prototype out of muslin to learn the quirks of the pattern, and then we ended up having time to make the real thing, too!

We also made "under armor" for the gown, as Matt says his son will not wear a slip. :)

It was a really sweet thing to sew the gown with my mom and to know Asa and any other children we are blessed with will be baptized in this gown--sewn with lots of love and prayers! And he will hopefully be wearing it next month. :)

How we pray for you to walk in the ways of the Lord, Asa, that you would do what is right in the eyes of the Lord and love Him with your whole heart all your days--just as God's Word says of your namesake!


Anonymous said...

You did such a beautiful job - and it was the sweetest blessing to just be there to watch!
I love you! Mom

Joy said...

It truly looks AMAZING!!! What a sweet thing to pass on!!! You guys did a great job!

Rick Rose said...

BEAUTIFUL! Great seems there is no project to great for you to try your hand at and make it look awesome!:)

Rick Rose said...

Ya..woops...I commented under my husband's account accidentally!;)

Susanna Rose