Friday, March 5, 2010

No Craft Favorites Friday...

... I regret to say I have no CFF prepared for today. Sunday night, my husband came down with the stomach flu. I succumbed Monday morning. He left Monday afternoon for some important meetings out of state all day at Tuesday and got home in the middle of the night Tuesday night. I didn't really start feeling like my stomach was settled enough as I'd like until Wednesday. And even on Wednesday and Thursday I was completely wiped out energy-wise.... having the stomach flu when you are a nursing mom is rough! My sweet little guy was so patient though, especially since my husband was out of town and not around to help!

The GREAT news (totally crafting unrelated) is that my mom is coming to visit starting TODAY!! WOO HOOOOO! Well, maybe that's not totally crafting unrelated. You never know what project we'll dive into when we're together (or that I might have time to jump on if I can steal away a few moments when my little guy plays with G-Ma). You should definitely expect a "completed guest room headboard" post this week. :) We love how it looks!

So sorry for the delay with Craft Favorites Friday. I am thankful to be feeling back on my feet!! :)