Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A New Pattern

For my birthday, my parents gave me a sewing pattern I asked for from an Etsy seller.  It's the A Girl's Best Friend wallet pattern from Jennalou06. I was a bit intimidated by it; I'm still working through my anxiety about sewing from a pattern instead of drafting my own pattern or just figuring things out on my own.  It also has a zipper, which I have never done before... until now!

A sweet friend of mine graduated from high school this spring and will be attending the University of Alabama.  I was trying to think of something fun for a graduation gift.  Eventually, I set my sights on a Bama themed wallet with this pattern.  I look at Bama fabric, but none of it was very pretty.  So I did an Etsy search for "University of Alabama" and was quickly reminded that black & white houndstooth is signature Bama!  Woo hoo!  Now I could make a houndstooth wallet with crimson accents for my newest favorite Crimson Tide fan! :)

I spent part of one evening cutting the pieces, affixing the interfacing, transferring marks, and reading over the instructions.  During the following day's afternoon nap I completed the first three steps (out of six), and during today's afternoon nap I completed the remaining 3 steps!  It is a deceptively simple pattern that I had NO problems with!  I am really happy with how the wallet turned out and can't wait to get a gift card to put in it and send the gift on its way!

Here are my quick shots of it from this afternoon. :)

front exterior, velcro wrap-around closure

Interior.  The top half has a pocket big enough for cash, 6 card holders, and an elastic loop for a pen.
The bottom half has another cash pocket and a zippered (coin) pocket.

With some cards in it for example.

bottom large pocket

both big pockets

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Back from Vacation

I am back from 2 wonderful weeks in TN with my family!  My grandmother, aunt, and cousin were visiting from California, and not only did *I* want to see them, I was desperate for Asa to meet them, too!  He is named after my grandfather, after all (they have the same middle name). :)

It was a fun time of relaxed schedules, lots of cousins (there are 5 now on my side, and Asa has been ousted as the youngest on my side, though he's still the baby on Matt's side :) ), delicious food, and good times.  The only down side was that Matt couldn't stay the whole time.  He drove us down on Saturday and came back to OH on Monday.  What a servant heart!  Asa and I got to stay and play in TN and then my mom drove us back to OH (another servant heart!).  We are settling back in now, and my mind is turning to.... new craft projects!

I figured I'd make a list of the things I have in progress that I'd like to finish, some short term goals, and some longer term goals.

In progress:

  •  Asa's strip quilt (quilt top done, needs to be sandwiched, basted, quilted, and bound)
  • I really thought there was something else, but of course now I forget!  I'll have to check my "to complete" bin in my sewing cubbie :)
Short term goals:
  • try new wallet pattern
  • make Asa's scripture lamb
  • 2 other scripture dolls
  • 2 casserole totes
Longer term goals (I am sure this list will evolve):
  • 2+ sets of Jesse Tree ornaments
  • True mural on canvas for Asa's room
  • diaper changing stations
  • traffic cone
  • a couple painted signs
  • maybe try another quilt (stacked coin?)
 Maybe since these goals are right here in print, I will actually get to them!  I hope I have some update pictures to post soon! :)