Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Little Hello

I have been quite noticeably absent for the past many, many months.  I see I mentioned our move from Florida to Ohio in the last few posts here, and that our sweet Asa finally started sleeping through the night at 14 months making me less of a zombie and  more able to craft.  What happened the very next  month threw me right back into the land of the overtired. ;)  We found out we were expecting again!  Enter exhaustion, nausea, another move (same town, different house), and I fell off the crafting wagon.  Or at the very least, blogging about it.

I'll be you can tell just from these pictures below whether we welcomed a baby boy or baby girl to our family!

Anna Reaghan had a happy belated arrival (following in her big bro's footsteps) on July 14th.  She is such a sweet baby girl, blowing her brother's sleep habits completely out of the water, and a delight to us all.  She IS sleeping amazingly well, but I still feel a bit of that newborn fog especially with chasing Asa around even if/when she is napping.  I am planning some holiday outfits for them, so I thought I might try to pick back up with this blog.  And Pinterest has given me all sorts of inspiration for crafting of all types!

Another minor change I made is getting this blog set up to post from the google account I use the most.  Originally I had it tied to a different email address I don't use as much, and it was a hassle to sign in and out of accounts in order to post.  With that remedied, this is much more of a simple "point, click, type" process.  Yea!

Here's to more crafting!