Saturday, October 13, 2007

Arts Festival

While the town we live in might not always be so bustling, we are thankful to live about a block away from a "shopping center" with all sorts of unique boutiques and such. Last weekend they held their annual arts festival, and we had the pleasure of browsing through all the booths after church.

There were some beautiful and amazing paintings and photographs.....and jewelry.... and wood work.... all sorts of stuff. We did find a couple little things for our moms for part of their Christmas presents. We also stopped in a few of the little shops in the center and saw really cute stuff (I admit, we actually bought the mom-presents in one of the shops!). One is a baby boutique, and it was SO fun to walk around and think, "When we have babies (Lord willing), I will be able to make that and that and this." That reminded me of the nursing cover I made (with instructions from Joy) ala Bebe Au Lait. And that reminded me to post a picture of it on here. :) So, here it is. It was a gift for a baby shower. I saw several jungle themed items on the parents-to-be's baby registry, and I found an adorable jungle print for the front. The back is a plain yellow cotton. It was very fun, rewarding, and super easy to sew!

And now, I'm off for our anniversary weekend!!


Deborah said...

Sounds like a fun art festival! Have a great weekend! Deb