Friday, October 5, 2007

Falling into Autumn...

Even though we have had temperatures still in the high 80s this week, I wanted the house to at least LOOK like fall has arrived. :) Fall is my absolute favorite season, and here are some glimpses of its presence in our home. :)

Below: A votive holder (the candle inside has a wonderful spicy fall fragrance) my Bible study leader back home gave to each of us. It's a sweet reminder of those girls and to pray for them--when I see it and when I smell it wafting through the house.

Below: Give Thanks blocks in the living room.

Below: I bought several of these votive holders on sale at A.C. Moore a couple years ago.

Below: This sweet pumpkin welcomes visitors and guests from the entryway table.

Below: This scarecrow hangs from the linen closet door. You see him whenever you walk down the hall. :)

Below: two fall leaf plates I found at Walmart for about $2.50. Matt mentioned his mom has a leaf plate when we happened upon some elsewhere (for more $$, of course). When I saw these for so much cheaper, it made me think of him, and I wanted to bring a piece of his childhood into our house for him. :)

The lighter leaf in the den and the darker leaf is in the living room.

Below: DECLICIOUS smelling fall-scented candles. A gift from a student this year (actually, a very sweet, "Thank you for making our daughter's transition so smooth" gift from her parents).

Below: Turkey oven mitt. Love it. From a sweet store back home. Samantha likes to eye it. I'm glad it's up high (on top of the fridge).
[please forgive the little grease streak on the cabinets... we're STILL working on finding something to dissolve all the grease and grime in some parts of the house left by the previous owners]

Below: A tablecloth sewn by my grandmother and the super fun turkey placemats--a gift from PBK when they went on clearance last fall. :) The feathers have pockets for your silverware.

I am thankful the weather is a little milder, and we praise the Lord for a home in which to celebrate the season--with or without crisp, cool breezes. :)


Deborah said...

Looks like you have fallen! He he!Everything is wonderful! Deb