Wednesday, October 3, 2007


I have a private blog for keeping in touch with my family and friends who live far away. But I wanted a blog to post my "bits and pieces" of crafting and home keeping adventures. So, here it is!

Refrigerator art refers to both my little attempts to create beauty, and God's work in me.

Your little kid comes home from kindergarten

He says he drew a picture just for you

A masterpiece on green construction paper

Though what it is is you haven't got a clue

But you love those little scribbles just because of whose they are

Just what they mean you really do not care

You just kiss your little Rembrandt and you say when we get home

We're gonna tape it up on the Frigidaire

You're a collector of

Refrigerator Art

Little kids create their world with their Crayola

To some it might just look a colored mess

But beauty's in the eye of the beholder

And moms can be so easy to impress

No mother worth the keeping would chastise or deplore

She would open up a gallery right on the freezer door

We try to do the best with which we're able

But every time you know we fall so short

Compared to true perfection we all fall outside the lines

At best we're just

Refrigerator art

But the One who put the stars up in the heavens

The One who made the wings of the butterflies

He will take us with our awful disproportions

Somehow we're all still lovely in His eyes

He's a collector of

Refrigerator art

He's the corrector of

Refrigerator art

He's the protector of

Refrigerator art

-Allen Levi


Deborah said...

Welocme to crafty card blogland! Saw your question about RAKS.
"Random Act Of Kindness". Sometimes there is no special reson to send a RAK, other than you want to share the love with a blogger or thanks or get well or what ever the urge is! Happy stampin! Deb