Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Slow/Fast Times

I'm sorry I haven't updated more this week. School is flying by quickly (less than a month left), so blogging is going slow! There's so much to do at the end of the year, plus we have some traveling coming up for a wedding. It makes for a full plate of good things, but not much room for good crafting on the side. Just wait til school is out! Then I really do want to try my pj pants and try the wonky cabin quilt. I'm really looking forward to some good crafting this summer. I'm trying to take it a lot easier than last summer, which should afford me down time for creativity I have to squeeze in during the school year. I'm also really looking forward to stamping some this summer after making Jamie's shower invitations. I have missed stamping a lot!

So, in honor of this post and being a tad early for tomorrow, I shall do a "Thursday Thirteen" on the topic of "How I (hope to) Spend My Summer Vacation."

How I (hope to) Spend My Summer Vacation
  1. Sleep in
  2. Make my hubby's lunch more frequently (he took over lunch-packing duty for both of us most of this school year, amazing hubby that he is!)
  3. Visit family
  4. Make my owl pj pants
  5. Start the wonky cabin quilt
  6. Rebuild my rubber-stamped, ready to send card stash
  7. Paint the master bathroom
  8. Paint the laundry room
  9. Keep asking Matt about painting a dining room accent wall :)
  10. Visit family
  11. Sew some things yet to be determined
  12. Get my embroidery machine (that will be towards the end of the summer)!!
  13. Finish touch-ups needed in remodeled family room
  14. (BONUS) Visit family!!!!!!
Can you tell I am excited to spend time with family (and friends!) this summer?! :) And as I said, after school winds down, I hope to be posting crafty accomplishments more frequently! Thanks for hanging with me in the mean time, and I'll be sure to keep you posted on baby shower updates. Right now I'm contemplating making Fimo or Marzipan (Homestar Runner, anyone?) figures that match the mother-to-be's nursery decor for the top of the cake. :)


Masker # 7 said...

THAT's taking it easy!?! I'm excited for the summer too because I love the sunshine and being outside with my wee one!
I'd love to meet your friend--please do email me so I can show my affection for you by pouring my friendliness out on her! :) kayhoffman7 at gmail dot com

jacquie said...

It's good to have goals! You are going to be busy!!! Looks like lots of fun too!