Friday, May 2, 2008

Think PINK!

Sweet friends of ours who live in ATL are having a baby girl in August! I used to teach with her at my school, and we were in a Bible study with them. We are thrilled for them that this new one will be joining their family before we know it. Even though they live far(ish) away now, I really wanted to do something for them down here in FL with their "old" friends. So, I am hosting a baby shower in June! I am really excited and trying to just be organized and not too perfectionistic about it. :) It's the first shower I'm hosting by myself, and I think my biggest thing will be to pace myself and not feel like I have to use ALL my shower ideas in one shot.

I had to mail some bills, so I thought I'd sweep through JoAnn's and see what they might have to offer for decor. I ended up finding these for 50% off.

They look a lot better in person, I promise!

I am really excited about them! The peach blossoms and fake bigger green leaves attached to berries aren't my fav. Uhhh, then why did you buy it, Becca? I plan to remove the blossoms I don't like (I tried, it's very doable), and instead place sweet PINK blossoms in the styrofoam. A lady from our church has some topiary bases with real oasis at the tops, and she always uses them for parties and showers--covering each oasis with real greenery and roses that coordinate with the party colors. I *thought* about rigging that up, but I decided not to for 2 reasons. One, I didn't see any bases I liked at JoAnn's.... and there aren't *that* many other places to try down here. And secondly, I only have 5 weeks of school left before this shower. I need to be realistic on the level of DIY I can handle right now. :) I think it'll turn out sweetly, and later on down the road, I could plug in blue or yellow blossoms for a baby boy shower. Or white for a bridal shower. And I'll probably change the raffia bows to a color-coordinated ribbon. ;)

Secondly, I browsed for fabric to make J (the mom-to-be) a nursing cover. I ALMOST got the same Kleo fabric as I used for my last one. They did not have the coordinating Necco, but they DID have a coordinating "dots" pattern. But somehow, it just didn't seem to fit right for J. It was a little too froo-froo for her.... all the pink and such. I LOVE the combo of the two fabrics, and I'm not saying they are in-and-of-themselves froo-froo, but I felt like they were too much for J. So, instead I found this rich, red, gold, and green fabric, and a fun yellow polka-dot for the back. I haven't decided if I'll use red ribbon for the neck or fabric straps yet.... we'll see.

Next, I bought a yard of the Sage Kleo and Dots just because. My stash really NEEEEEDED them. :)

Lastly, I bought some pink paper (on sale 5 sheets--even 12x12 size--for $1, so I spent $2 total) and some pink ribbon for invitation materials. I hope to get started on them tonight.

I also need to decide on the menu. I'm gathering ideas. I'm thinking "brunch," so maybe fruit salsa with the cinnamon flour tortilla chips, the fix-it-and-forget-it souffle Ariana had at Samuel's dedication brunch, some kind of yummy sweet bread or something (?), coffee, juice, water.... any other suggestions? Oh, and I've been really wanting to try to make a fruit bouquet or veggie tree.

Aren't they amazing?

And as much as I'd love to pull out my cake stuff I got for Christmas, I think I'll have one made. We'll see how the time goes though with the end of school. I might do a small diaper cake as well, I haven't decided. Ohhh, so many decisions, and I just want it to be fun, beautiful, and most of all a blessing to our sweet friends. :)

Stay tuned!