Friday, January 11, 2008

Friday's Feast

What is your middle name? Would you change any of your names if you could? If so, what would you like to be called?

Jennette. It's a family name. And no, I would not want to change any of my names, except occasionally I toy with the idea of First Middle Maiden Married. But it's already done. No more changes now, I guess. :)

If you were a fashion designer, which fabrics, colors, and styles would you probably use the most?

Amy Butler and Alexander Henry, hehe.

What is your least favorite chore, and why?

Ironing... I think it's genetic. ;)

Main Course
What is something that really frightens you, and can you trace it back to an event in your life?

Fire, which I trace back to our minivan BURNING UP (to a crisp!) in our driveway when I was in middle school... and especially me not waking up for a single second if it (sirens and all). I know that was God protecting me, but I think I've always been a little extra afraid ever since then--what if I didn't wake up and the house was on fire?

Where are you sitting right now? Name 3 things you can see at this moment.

In the family room at the computer (obvious)...ribbon keychain, cell phone, Rock Bottom coaster from Charlotte, NC.

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Trace said...

Great feast! :) Fire is a scary one! I'm always checking all the points etc are turned off before I leave the house..


Sherry Lewis said...

I almost said fire, but went with earthquake instead. They both scare me :) Happy Friday!

**"Liza"** said...

great feast here! fire is sure scary
Have a great weekend!
Mine is up too