Monday, April 28, 2008

Budget Busters

My sister-in-law, Joy, tagged me to post 5 things that bust my budget. :) Soooo.... here we go! I actually am pretty much a stickler for budgeting, but if I were to allow myself to indulge...

1. Well, yes, I suppose it would have to be fabric. Sometimes you see a pattern you just KNOW would be perfect someday for SOME project. And sometimes that happens many days in a row. ;) And then that can lead to coordinating trim, etc. It's a vicious, but delightful, cycle. ;)

2. Books. I think I could definitely blow the budget on books. Self-control is needed (and used) here. Fruits of a Spirit are a good(y) thing. :)

3. Stationery. I love all things personalized, and personalized notecards and notepads are right at the top of that list. Monograms galore!

4. Home decor. This would be a big one. I'll try to justify it by saying it goes back to my innate, God-given desire as a woman to create beauty around me, but that doesn't mean I shouldn't keep it in check either. I'm forever walking around (Target, TJ Maxx/Homegoods, Pottery Barn) and thinking, "Oh that would be JUST RIGHT for _____ room/corner/wall in our house!!" The budget could be blown eye-blink fast for this category. Hubby helps me toe the line. ;)

5. Hmmmm, I guess having a hard time coming up with something is a good thing, right? I guess I would have to say I have been known to swoon over baby/children's items for my niece(s--there's one on the way!) and nephews. I can only imagine if/when, Lord willing, God gives us children of our own. Temptation, temptation. :)

**I guess this is one way living in the town I do has been a blessing. Shopping is, shall we say, a tad lacking here. We are a not a shopping mecca.... not even close. This makes my hometown seem like big city shopping. When you don't have the opportunity (much) to blow the budget, it's a lot easier to stay in line! We also only recently began subscribing to the Sunday paper (for coupons.... I'm trying to make this CVS ECB thing work to my advantage.... I haven't quite figured that one out yet), but I've noticed a lot more, "I want that!" in my heart since we began receiving the Sunday ads along with those coupons. The power of suggestion is a mighty thing! I try to limit myself to the JoAnn's and Michael's ads on Sundays. Or just tell myself, "You don't need that." :)

I tag... Erin and Susanna.


Joy said...

Stationary is a good one! I forgot about that! I do love it!!! Great list! ;)

The Matriarch said...

I'm right there with you on buying too many baby clothes!!!;) For example, I went out today and bought some things I didn't need to get but because I got them at a thrift store, I justified the purchases!;) By the way, I've wanted to say thank you for posting what fabrics you used for the nursing cape you made a few weeks ago and where you got them. My mother-in-law is making a quilt for our coming little girl and is using both the Kleo and the other fabric (name evades me right now) in the quilt!

Also, thanks for tagging me! I will think and try to come up with some good answers tomorrow or within the next few days!:)

Susanna Rose said...

Woops! My mom is visiting for the week and I didn't realize I was posting under her blogger name!;)