Saturday, May 24, 2008

Cake Update

Well, I learned Fimo/Sculpey isn't quite as easy to work with in miniature as I thought. So, the cakes are not *exact* replicas. But, I hope they are close enough that you can tell they are "inspired" by the bride's cake and groom's cake, and I reallllllly hope the bride and groom like them. I can't decide if I should leave them as is, or if I should put some small hook in the top to make them Christmas ornaments (my original idea), or.... something else? Any ideas or opinions?

Without further ado, here they are...

Bride's cake (actual)

Bride's cake (sculpture)

Groom's cake (actual)

Groom's cake (sculpture)

What do you think--honestly?!?

I could maybe paint more card suits (club, spade, heart, diamond) onto the bottom layer of the groom's cake. And should I add some white "piping" to the bottom of each layer like the actual cake has? Also, for the bride's cake I could add more "dots" to the layers like the actual cake has, but I'm afraid it would become too busy at that point since it *is* in miniature.


Anonymous said...

I think they look TERRIFIC! I like the idea of Christmas ornaments, personally. I don't know how you'll get a hook in them, though. I think they turned out wonderfully! There will be no doubt about what they represent. :)
I bet Ruthie will love them!
Love, Mom

Joy said...

They look great!!! I really like the Christmas ornament idea as well...especially just starting out you never have too many ornaments and what a fun way to remember!!!

Anonymous said...

Definitely do the Christmas ornament idea. It will be something that will bring back memories every year. I also think the details are great. You can tell that they meant to resemble the cakes yet they aren't "too busy". Great job!

notes of em said...

These are beyond fabulous! I know she will love, love, love them. I vote ornaments, and I did see some clips (like tiny metal clothes pins) that you can mount onto the bottom of an item so that the branch is under the ornament, and not hooked on from above. And I have to say I am jealous of your crafty time. Enjoy it while you are able...