Friday, May 23, 2008

Latest Projects

I finished the first step of some Fimo/Sculpey projects this afternoon. I am trying to recreate the wedding cakes from wedding in the previous post. I saw a neat idea to make Christmas ornaments out replicating wedding cakes as a special remembrance for the bride and groom. I loved the idea and was determined to take several pictures of the cakes at Ruthie & Eric's wedding to try it out as part of their wedding gift.

So far, I have made a base "sculpture" onto which I'll add a finishing layer and the embellishments. The hexagon shape was tricky for the bride's cake, but the groom's wasn't too bad. I baked them this afternoon, and then later this weekend I hope to add the details.

I also made the parts for a giraffe and elephant to be cake toppers for the baby shower in 2 weeks. The parents-to-be chose a nursery decor called "Jungle Luv" that features giraffes, an elephant, a rhino, and a little jungle bird. Again, I made the basic body shape, and then I'll go back and add the colored, decorative layer and details. I hope she likes them and that they come out resembling the nursery decor!

the giraffe does have legs.... I just haven't attached them yet

We are VERY glad for a long weekend down here in FL. We have both been working a lot, but especially Matt has. Today marked a big step "checked off" for Matt's project and the last full week of school for me (next week is 4 days, and the following week is 4 days--three of which are early release). Whew! Time is flying, but we're trying to still have fun!

Hope you have a great long weekend, and I'll keep you posted on any Memorial Day crafting endeavors. :)


Joy said...

Wow! Check out all the fun that is going on at your house!!! They look great! I cannot wait to see the finishing touches! ;)

Jennifer said...

Neat ideas. I am looking forward to seeing the finished projects.