Thursday, June 5, 2008

Cake Topper Redux

I did repaint the yellow places on the giraffe, and I think it looks SO much better. The softer, paler yellow was just the ticket. :)

I have (mostly) assembled the elephant and giraffe. I say mostly because the giraffe's other ear and mane are cooling and hardening as we speak. Then I'll paint and glue them on. They're almost done! Here's a picture of their current status.

The giraffe doesn't stand up perfectly straight, but close enough... and he looks even better from a little higher vantage point. :)

Here is the lamp again for reference.

The backdrop for the cake toppers is a GORGEOUS bouquet of a dozen pink roses from one of my students! Today was our last day for students (teachers have 2 days of inservice)--what a thoughtful and beautiful gift. And are they not PERFECT to have in the foyer for the baby shower on Saturday?!? :)


Anonymous said...

They turned out SOOOO cute and sweet - and the roses are beautiful! I love you! Mom

Blakely said...

You did a great job on those. I don't think that I would attempt them. I'm impressed