Saturday, June 21, 2008

Father's Day Cards

I stamped a few cards for our dads for Father's Day. Matt thought they were still a bit girly, but I picked masculine colors and they're not too froo-froo. After I made the cards, I cleaned out the guest room (late spring cleaning) and found some of my more masculine stamp sets. They are staying in the guest room--they have not been relegated to the garage or closet like some of my more seasonal stamps--so I will have easy access to them in the future. But without further ado, here are the cards I made...

Dad G. on the left and Dad K. on the right (inside it says "You light up my life.")

I picked the toaster stamp for my dad, because one of our silly nicknames for him growing up was Pop and Pop-a-lop. :) I used SU! stamps, I think the ink was close to cocoa (or was it chocolate chip?), and I used a brown sharpie to add little embellishments. I also sponged some brown around the beige layering piece of my dad's card and around the actual card base of my father-in-law's card.

Nothing too fancy, but it was the first time I have stamped since Jamie's baby shower invitations. And THAT was the first time in a long time. I love that summer gives me more time to stamp! :) Hopefully I'll have more to share soon. But for now, I need to run to JoAnn's get some fabric to sew a gift for my sister-in-law. Baby Isabella is due in September, and her shower is next week when we go visit Matt's family (and then my family). We can't wait! :)


Joy said...

I think that they look great (not to feminine at all)! Happy stamping to you and I cannot wait to see what you make for the shower!