Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Ready to Roll!

I sat down the other night and typed up what turned out to be a rather ambitious-looking list of things I'd like to sew for the baby. I'm itching to get started, but for many of the items, I'd like to wait and see if we can find out if the baby is a boy or a girl. Here's what I have so far...

Things I want to sew for the baby:

  • Nursing cover
  • Burp cloths
  • Shopping cart cover? (or should I just register for one?)
  • Dipes and wipes case
  • Travel changing mat (like the skip hop?) (or should I just register for one?)
  • Boppy cover? (I know I'll register for some, but should I make some, too?)
  • Clothes (just a few simple things)
  • Quilt (I bought fabric for two quilts while we were in TN!! Pics soon!)
  • Taggie ball or blanket
  • Hooded towel
  • Paci clips (also good as blankie clips for a stroller)
  • Tie chair? (obviously not necessary for quite some time, but I think I could maybe figure one out)


  • Baby legs? (I have one pair and a tutorial on how to make them..... I'm not sure)
  • Holiday bibs? (something similar to this.... maybe I should just ask for them for Christmas)
  • Travel toiletry case (again, I'm thinking maybe I should just ask for one for Christmas)

Any advice??


Joy said...

Wow! Very ambitious! ;)
-You are welcome to my shopping cart cover if you would like to use it!
-Ask Brad I rarely ever use a changing pad. ;) I would just buy one but you have some great talent of creating! I would say put it at the end of the list and if you get to it great and if not it is okay. ;)
-I could never have enough boppy covers! They were constantly in the wash! Register for some and make some!
-Wow! I have never seen a tie chair but it freaks me out as I don't like being confined. ;) I need to see it in action! Sis would of spazed if I tied her in! ;)
-The bibs are cute but with an embroidery machine you could totally do that as well!
-LOVE the travel case!!!
That is all my advice! :) Are you sorry that you asked? To funny! Excited to see all that you create!

notes of em said...

all i can say is REGISTER for it all, then see what you might like to make.
people will want to buy you things for the baby, and dont forget the nieces and nephews that have come before....there should be plenty of good hand me downs.....