Saturday, March 29, 2008

Baby Shower gift

As I mentioned previously, there is a baby shower coming up this week. The father-to-be teaches at my school, and his wife actually teaches at the school were our church meets. :) I really wanted to make a nursing cover, but I wasn't sure how to find out if she's planning on trying to nurse. First I asked some teachers who know the father better than I. Then I went ahead and just asked him myself. She is, so the next step was choosing some fabric.

They do not know yet if it's a boy or a girl, so I perused JoAnn's (our only fabric store in town) hoping to find something fun and fashionable for the mom. Who knew I'd find Alexander Henry fabric right here in Small Town, Florida. :) I settled on the Kleo Sage blossoms for the front and Nekko for the back. The colors match, even though they don't necessarily look like it below (pics found online).



here's a picture *I* took of the fabric after I laundered it

I also have some terry cloth I'm planning to sew onto one corner of the back, and Joy mentioned making a pocket or something to hold a paci on the next one she makes. I'm considering it.... I have never done a zipper yet, and I want to keep this simple. Then I decided velcro might not be great in case the mom wants to let her baby nurse to sleep. I'm just not sure.... I probably need to ask Joy more about what she was thinking. :) Lastly, I bought D rings in hope of making the sliding adjustable straps instead of ribbon straps. I'll let you know how it goes! :)


Deborah said...

Adorable, great job! Deb

Joy said...

Hi There! So if I share thoughts and info with you would you maybe be willing to head back to Joanns (twisting your arm I know) and purchase me a yard of the Necco??? Hu hu would ya? Would ya? I just bought the Kleo Sage this week at our Joanns! ;)

The terry cloth is a really cool idea! I will be anxious to hear and see how that goes if you give it a try!

For the pocket I wasn't thinking a closeable pocket although that is a really great idea (ambitious)! I was just thinking of a little pocket (just a simple square and folding the edges in attached to one side before the front is sewed on) that you could slip things into while you were feeding such as a nursing pad etc.

I really LOVE the fabric (clearly since I bought it this week and I am begging you to make yet another trip to Joanns for some Necco)!!! I am excited to see the finished project!

Happy sewing!

Becca said...

Thanks, Deborah. :) I was very pleased to actually find some fun, mod, fashionable fabric here in town (it's a challenge).

And Joy, of COURSE I will go back and get you some Necco! I think it's SO fun we picked the same fabric this week? What are you doing with yours? A mom I know has a real Bebe au Lait, and they have a terry cloth corner on the back for wiping milky mouths and such. And I knew you said you wanted a pocket, but I thought it was to hold a paci. Now that you mention it, I remember you actually said for nursing pads. Either way, I'm glad to know you had a *simple* pocket in mind! I can totally handle that! :)

Just email me and let me know how much of the Necco you want. It's 30% off at our store right now. :) It came out to $5/yard. We are going over that direction to get part of a shower gift for Ruthie tomorrow, anyway... and it's right by church. Anyway, it's no problem. I couldn't believe how much Alexander Henry that store actually had! I tried really hard to justify getting a little bit of some others, but I couldn't come up with a good enough reason (yet). Let me know if there are any other Alexander Henry's to keep my eyes out for. :)

p.s. I can't wait for beach week!!!

Susanna Rose said...

I love this funky and cute! Nursing covers are GREAT as I found out while I was nursing my son...she will LOVE this! Great idea!

Anonymous said...

I just love the fabric choices. Gorgeous!!! I wish I had something like that when my kids were at the nursing age. I just stumbled onto your blog and saw the casserole tote. I think I might make one for my aunt for her birthday. You are very creative. Blessings!