Monday, February 16, 2009

Asa's Baby Shower

My sister (in-law), Joy, and my mom's sweet friend, Jane, hosted a baby shower for Asa on Valentine's Day. It was SUCH a sweet time, and we are overwhelmed by the love and support of such special family and friends. BOTH of my grandmothers were at the shower (one lives in California, so that was specially planned), and the guest list was like revisiting our wedding--all amazing friends from church or our wedding party! I thought I would share with you a sampling of the shower and some of the things Asa received--focusing especially on handmade gifts. :)

A tissue box cover and diaper changing station my dad's mom made

A blanket my mom's mom stitched by hand

A floor blanket (extra thick) and some fitted sheets my mom's mom made

Some receiving blankets my mom's mom sewed

A quilt my mom's sister sewed (and a Precious Moments doll)

A bib and burp cloth my dad's sister sewed (and 2 wrist rattles)

As it was Valentine's Day, guests were invited to make Valentines for Asa at the shower :)

We received Asa's forest animal bedding AND found fabric to make coordinating curtains (be watching for future posts)

And last but certainly not least, Joy outdid herself! In addition to the scrumptious food, invitations, and even centerpiece, she sewed up a storm for Asa!
Here are a blanket and one burp cloth (for Daddy and Asa)

She also made this little camo hat and a pair of camo pants for Daddy, I mean Asa ;)

For Mommy and Asa, she sewed these awesome ducky kimono pjs (the pants are tucked inside on the hanger) and a matching ducky burp cloth!

Can't you just FEEL the love???? :) Thank you to everyone for making this such a special time! Joy and Jane (and Kathy who made the yummy chicken salad sandwiches), thank you especially! We love you! :)


Anonymous said...

Wasn't it just the SWEETEST time?
I'm still smiling.

I love you!

notes of em said...

ok, im REALLY impressed with all the creative people in your family!
what a gift.
and it looks like you all had a fantastic shower. Isn't is so much fun imagining Asa using all of these things? Seems like a lifetime away, but it will be here so quickly. So thankful your trip was so much fun for you all!

Joy said...

I am so glad that you had a sweet time!!! So, I did not get to make a valentine card which I am super sad about so I will have to come up with a little something! ;)

Becca said...

I think there are some blank ones at Mom's house still, Joy. With the sparkly red hearts on them. Grandma packed all of them up in her purse, and the extras were on the living room table last I saw them. :)

And yes, Emily, I'm starting to realize that the weeks pass by faster and faster! I have only 2.5 months left teaching until I take time off for Asa. And in that 2.5 months we are finishing the nursery, meeting the fam at the beach for spring break, and attending Matt's sister's wedding. It's amazing!