Sunday, February 8, 2009

When You're sick....

...just sew (and sleep)!

As I continue recovering from the crud Matt gave me :), I've sewn a few more burp cloths for Asa. I'm hoping to branch out to other parts of my "to sew for baby" list soon. But I want to be well and thinking clearly before I venture forth! :)

Here are 2 more:

A flannel applique "A" for Asa and a fun, textured car!

The A was a free trial file a site had to try to convince you to buy the file for the whole alphabet. It didn't actually finish the inside of the A correctly, which was disappointing. But I don't think Asa will care. ;) I LOVE applique, so I found a different website to try for an applique alphabet (unless someone has a suggestion). I like how the fabric colors (Matt picked) Matt our little Snoodle dog!

A close-up of the car. Also a free file--so see, they can work perfectly! I LOVE how it embroidered a texture--see the swirls? It's all one color, just the pattern of the stitches! I thought it was really cute with the car & truck fabric. :)


Anonymous said...

Very, very cute! Hope you're better SOON!! Love, Mom

Joy said...

Asa will have the world's best collection of burp cloths! Those look great!

notes of em said...

these are super cute! it looks like your really using your new machine really well.
I am so sorry that you all have not been feeling well, i hope that your much better when you travel....
have a happy monday!

Blakely said...

I like them. They are very cute.