Monday, February 16, 2009

Quick Update--Gymboree sale!

We were given our first shower for Asa this weekend, which I will post about VERY soon. But I have a quick little additional post to write, and I want the shower post to be "on top." So I'm going to do this one first, and then I'll add the shower pictures. :)

Gymboree is having a baby/President's Day sale. Lots of wintery things were marked 50% off, and then you could take 20% more off for President's Day. On top of that, I had a 20% off total purchase including sale items coupon that came in the mail. I got 5 outfits for an average of $8 each! The total should have been $170 dollars, and I paid $40! I tried to look for or piece together complete outfits, because I know Gymoree stuff does really well at consignment sales. But I did get some overalls, too. :) I got overalls that were solid colors though, so they're not limited to going with clothes of a certain "theme."

Without further ado...

Reversible jacket and pants, 5.75 and 5.11

Dalmatian onesie and applique jeans, 3.19 and 5.75

"I drool" outfit, 6.39

Red corduroy overalls (they have a dalmatian you can detach in the pocket), 6.71

Chocolate brown corduroy overalls, 10.87


Joy said...

Wow! Super cute goodies!!! I might have to head to Gymboree tonight myself! ;)

Jessie said...

So cute!!! I wonder if I could convince Josh to go there after dinner ;)

Becca said...

You should go! I was afraid it would be really picked over, because the sale started last week sometime. But I obviously still found some things. :) And your Gymboree is bigger than ours, I'm sure. Also, I was really excited the overalls have snap inseam legs. A silly thing to be excited about, but so convenient! :) And I know Asa got lots of adorable clothes at the shower, but I got all 3-6 or higher size (one 6-12 and one 12-18 overalls) since most of his clothes from the shower are 0-3. I was trying to be reasonable. :)

Anonymous said...

Just darling! What cute things!
And what a great shopper!!!