Saturday, February 21, 2009


What's the oops? Well, I made a couple burp cloths yesterday for a baby shower today, and it was so late by the time I was done that I did not take pictures! OOPS! :)

I made 3 all together. One had the same blue car and truck flannel as the car burp cloth I made Asa. But it just had flannel sewn down the center and no embroidery. I did zigzag the flannel onto the cloth diaper to make it a little more special though. :) It was fun to experiment with some decorative stitches before deciding on one. :) For the other 2, I embroidered. The baby's father sometimes plays bass guitar for worship on Sundays, so I embroidered a bass guitar and above that put the words, "My dad rocks!" And for the third, I sewed a strip of white flannel with blue, yellow, and green polka dots that had the family's last name embroidered on it. I had a BIG capital D and then in the space inside the D I embroidered "avis" (their last name is Davis). Baby D does not have a first name yet, so I figured I'd go with the last name. :)

Sorry I don't have pictures to show! I'll try to remember next time. For now, we're hoping to make this "take apart spare furniture and Kilz the nursery" day!!!! :) Stay tuned!

P.S. I have begun Asa's wonky log cabin quilt! I have one block done but need to buy some (solid) fabric for the sashing so I can square it up. I can't wait to show you--and to see how it looks when I have more blocks put together! I love the forgiving nature of the wonky-ness. :)


Joy said...

You are so cute! ;) You are also definitely pregnant as the forgetting has begun! ;) I love that! Please post pics soon of the square! I cannot wait to see it!