Sunday, February 22, 2009

Quilt Block #1

I have not been able to go by JoAnn's and pick the sashing fabric yet, but I wanted to show you my first block for the wonky log cabin quilt! Here it is! After I add one more strip to each side for sashing, I'll be able to square it up. Then after I have more blocks, I can sew them together for Asa's quilt top! I don't imagine it will be enormous, but I am having fun. And I really think it's the perfect quilt for a beginner, as it's not designed to be even and straight! Ha! :)

Saturday, February 21, 2009


What's the oops? Well, I made a couple burp cloths yesterday for a baby shower today, and it was so late by the time I was done that I did not take pictures! OOPS! :)

I made 3 all together. One had the same blue car and truck flannel as the car burp cloth I made Asa. But it just had flannel sewn down the center and no embroidery. I did zigzag the flannel onto the cloth diaper to make it a little more special though. :) It was fun to experiment with some decorative stitches before deciding on one. :) For the other 2, I embroidered. The baby's father sometimes plays bass guitar for worship on Sundays, so I embroidered a bass guitar and above that put the words, "My dad rocks!" And for the third, I sewed a strip of white flannel with blue, yellow, and green polka dots that had the family's last name embroidered on it. I had a BIG capital D and then in the space inside the D I embroidered "avis" (their last name is Davis). Baby D does not have a first name yet, so I figured I'd go with the last name. :)

Sorry I don't have pictures to show! I'll try to remember next time. For now, we're hoping to make this "take apart spare furniture and Kilz the nursery" day!!!! :) Stay tuned!

P.S. I have begun Asa's wonky log cabin quilt! I have one block done but need to buy some (solid) fabric for the sashing so I can square it up. I can't wait to show you--and to see how it looks when I have more blocks put together! I love the forgiving nature of the wonky-ness. :)

Monday, February 16, 2009

Asa's Baby Shower

My sister (in-law), Joy, and my mom's sweet friend, Jane, hosted a baby shower for Asa on Valentine's Day. It was SUCH a sweet time, and we are overwhelmed by the love and support of such special family and friends. BOTH of my grandmothers were at the shower (one lives in California, so that was specially planned), and the guest list was like revisiting our wedding--all amazing friends from church or our wedding party! I thought I would share with you a sampling of the shower and some of the things Asa received--focusing especially on handmade gifts. :)

A tissue box cover and diaper changing station my dad's mom made

A blanket my mom's mom stitched by hand

A floor blanket (extra thick) and some fitted sheets my mom's mom made

Some receiving blankets my mom's mom sewed

A quilt my mom's sister sewed (and a Precious Moments doll)

A bib and burp cloth my dad's sister sewed (and 2 wrist rattles)

As it was Valentine's Day, guests were invited to make Valentines for Asa at the shower :)

We received Asa's forest animal bedding AND found fabric to make coordinating curtains (be watching for future posts)

And last but certainly not least, Joy outdid herself! In addition to the scrumptious food, invitations, and even centerpiece, she sewed up a storm for Asa!
Here are a blanket and one burp cloth (for Daddy and Asa)

She also made this little camo hat and a pair of camo pants for Daddy, I mean Asa ;)

For Mommy and Asa, she sewed these awesome ducky kimono pjs (the pants are tucked inside on the hanger) and a matching ducky burp cloth!

Can't you just FEEL the love???? :) Thank you to everyone for making this such a special time! Joy and Jane (and Kathy who made the yummy chicken salad sandwiches), thank you especially! We love you! :)

Quick Update--Gymboree sale!

We were given our first shower for Asa this weekend, which I will post about VERY soon. But I have a quick little additional post to write, and I want the shower post to be "on top." So I'm going to do this one first, and then I'll add the shower pictures. :)

Gymboree is having a baby/President's Day sale. Lots of wintery things were marked 50% off, and then you could take 20% more off for President's Day. On top of that, I had a 20% off total purchase including sale items coupon that came in the mail. I got 5 outfits for an average of $8 each! The total should have been $170 dollars, and I paid $40! I tried to look for or piece together complete outfits, because I know Gymoree stuff does really well at consignment sales. But I did get some overalls, too. :) I got overalls that were solid colors though, so they're not limited to going with clothes of a certain "theme."

Without further ado...

Reversible jacket and pants, 5.75 and 5.11

Dalmatian onesie and applique jeans, 3.19 and 5.75

"I drool" outfit, 6.39

Red corduroy overalls (they have a dalmatian you can detach in the pocket), 6.71

Chocolate brown corduroy overalls, 10.87

Sunday, February 8, 2009

When You're sick....

...just sew (and sleep)!

As I continue recovering from the crud Matt gave me :), I've sewn a few more burp cloths for Asa. I'm hoping to branch out to other parts of my "to sew for baby" list soon. But I want to be well and thinking clearly before I venture forth! :)

Here are 2 more:

A flannel applique "A" for Asa and a fun, textured car!

The A was a free trial file a site had to try to convince you to buy the file for the whole alphabet. It didn't actually finish the inside of the A correctly, which was disappointing. But I don't think Asa will care. ;) I LOVE applique, so I found a different website to try for an applique alphabet (unless someone has a suggestion). I like how the fabric colors (Matt picked) Matt our little Snoodle dog!

A close-up of the car. Also a free file--so see, they can work perfectly! I LOVE how it embroidered a texture--see the swirls? It's all one color, just the pattern of the stitches! I thought it was really cute with the car & truck fabric. :)

Friday, February 6, 2009

A Little Bit of Crafting

I stayed home to take care of my sick husband one day earlier this week... and now that has landed me home for a sick day myself! Despite living as separately as possible in the house this week, I caught his bug. Anyway, on Tuesday I spent a lot of my time in the back of the house making embroidery designs (while he dozed in the front of the house). I only finished sewing one so far, but I wanted to share it with you! And there are plenty more ideas brewing where this came from.

In case you didn't know, you will very soon find out that I am a BIG fan of puns and other silly phrases. :)

stud muffin

Just how many silly burp cloths can a baby boy have? We might soon find out! :) Actually, I'd like to put some designs on some bibs and maybe even onesies, too (they just take so much prep for all their knitted stretchiness!). I'll try to do some more and post them soon! :)

Until then, stay far, far away from our house so you don't get sick! :)